The 5%


There are distinctive moments in wForum when one member talks about her 5%, and it stands out as a breakthrough moment. Her impact is so significant that every member learns something about herself. Because everybody has a 5%.

The 5% is the very private and very tough stuff to talk about. And while there is a whole world in which you are capable and competent and making a good life for yourself, there are things you don’t like about yourself. Calling it ‘the 5%’ calls it out.

No matter what you struggle with, you struggle more when you struggle alone. Self-doubt and self-judgment can over-shadow the other 95%. But you are not alone –everyone has an inner struggle.

Not all personal information is grist for the mill in wForum. Personal boundaries are to be respected and we need healthy group norms describing the type and depth of information that best contributes to effective relationships. But each time you push your personal boundary, you push past limitations of the 5%.

You’re hardwired in school and your career for solving problems and being rewarded accordingly. The game often looks like jumping to conclusions and finding answers as quickly as possible. wForum is not about solving issues. We’re not interested in finding answers. We’re interested in shedding light on the 5%.

Once you shine light on the 5%, there is nothing but light. The other 95% comes into focus and your thinking clears. Your breakthrough is remembering all the things you have going for you – your goodness, your strengths and your wisdom.

There you find a bigger playing field, where you play to your strengths and become whole.

post by Adelaide Waters
image courtesy of Heather Hicks

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