Sponsorship and wForum


We have been talking about Giving Thanks. Today, we are giving specific thanks to specific people.

Lululemon is sponsoring one our wForums with workout tops, for their 2nd annual retreat, and we couldn’t be any happier!

Heather and Chelsea from wForum1 Aspen, have approached Lululemon Aspen to see if they would sponsor their retreat. Because Lululemon has similar goals as wForum in terms of  goal setting, promoting self-developement, and helping women reach their goals, our ladies thought that it was a great idea for reaching out to them for sponsorship, and we think it is a great pairing.

On the Lululemon side, we are grateful to the amazing ladies at Lululemon Aspen: Jaqui for the sponsorship, to Alexa and Mallory for their help in the store. Thank you ladies!

Here’s to asking for what you need, and getting it.



by Monica Antohi

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