Social Media and Me

jumping in with both feet

I received the Fall Course Catalog from my local Community College. There’s a cool new offering in the School of New Media for a 5-week class on Social Media. If I gave myself time to think about it, I’d procrastinate registering, so I signed up right away.

Why would I hesitate? Because I don’t get it, this whole social media thing. Even though I know about tweeting and posting on Facebook etc, I don’t do it. I don’t understand why I would want to. Can you hear the defensive insecurity with which I say that? It’s true.

I harbor a secret resentment about twitter. I think it’s stupid to follow someone around as if his or her life is more interesting than … well, anything, including laundry! As for Facebook and Linked In– I have a page but I never think to post stuff about what I do on there, because I can only ask myself – who cares?

I realize that the issue is not social media – the issue is me. I’m uncomfortable being more visible. I compare myself to bloggers whose posts are so good, funny or informative, and I feel hard-pressed to have anything nearly as important to say.

But if I can get over myself for two minutes, I feel excited about going back to school. Even if I don’t want to tweet, I’d like to keep up. I’d like to know why and how communication is influenced by social media – and how it influences me. I’d like to think I can learn new tricks. And maybe, if I keep pushing outside of my comfort zone, I could become a blogger with something interesting to say.

So, it’s back to school in September, and I’m jumping in with both feet. How about you? Tell us about what you’re daring yourself to learn.

by: Adelaide Waters

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