Photographing your Self

photographer woman

I did something super fun this morning – I went to a photographer for a studio headshot. I had won a bid at a silent auction and ended up with a certificate for one free studio session. She had me bring a change of clothes and accessories – ha!  I was excited to finally meet her because her work is all over town. Her studio was great, her portraits are intimate and she made me laugh.  We hit it off – we talked shop. She wants to join a women’s forum.

She liked my new black crepe pants and she was my size.  I had her try them on so she could order a pair online. It was fun and funny that we actually swapped pants. I promised her that we would Never Ever do something silly like that in wForum.  We like to keep it stuffy and all business ( 😉 ).

So if you are looking for something fun and slightly outrageous to do, I highly recommend a studio photography session. My little narcissist personality-self was in heaven. And you might meet a really cool person.

For you? If this idea interests you and funds are tight, barter with a photographer. Swap skillsets or offer to be an assistant. Sure, a self-portrait is narcissistic. So? There’s no need to make a habit of it.

Here’s the thing about having your Self photographed. When you look straight into the lens of a camera, it reflects you back at you. It’s a little like falling in love with who you really are, inner and outer. And I highly recommend that.

P.S. The Michele Cardamone Photography headshots will be posted on our new wForum website. Visit her online portfolio at


– Adelaide Waters

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