Our Founder

Adelaide Waters  Adelaide Waters  

Women’s Forum is the culmination of my lifelong interest in personal and professional growth. It is a way to pass on what I’ve learned about being a woman at this time in history with the privilege of education and the ability to pursue my ambitions. My life was made better by my participation in a women’s group and wForum is how I pay it forward.

I joined a women’s group at 35, not knowing what to expect and thinking it might last a few years. We met for 15 years, supporting each other through the highs and lows of career change, health crises and recovery, parenting and marital challenges. The commitment we made as a group was to hold a space to grow, remembering that growth looks different for each person. With that promise, we developed a life-changing bond of friendship and sisterhood. We inspired each other, becoming better at loving and leading at home and at work.

Today, wForum communities share this experience. Within our member community, women have access to a huge bank of spiritual wisdom and professional know-how. My dream for Women’s Forum is generative growth, embracing wisdom traditions, women’s culture and feminine consciousness. As Women’s Forum grows, may we grow together.

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