Our Board

wForum Board of Directors edited

 Our Board 

Adelaide Waters, President

Adelaide is founder of wForum. In her 30-year career as a corporate trainer and executive coach she taught leadership development, team-building and career management. Her clients appreciated her insight and advocacy when facing change. Adelaide’s work with wForum demonstrates her lifelong interest in women’s issues and wisdom traditions.

Jackie Merrill, Vice President

Jackie is a former Chicago executive and founder of CenterPoint, women’s leadership retreats in Aspen. She also serves as Board Chair of Spellbinders, a national organization of storytellers. Jackie brings wisdom and expertise in non-profit leadership, chapter development and women’s leadership retreats.

Heather Hicks, Secretary

Heather is Associate Director of Youth Entity, a community and youth development initiative dedicated to helping youth succeed not matter what they want to do when they grow up. Heather brings expertise in mentorship and community outreach to wForum.

Jody Cooper

Jody is a mortgage banker with Wells Fargo in Aspen. She has served on numerous boards as treasurer and advisor and brings a wealth of knowledge about the history and culture of our local community. Jody brings expertise in fundraising and community development to wForum.

wForum Connection Inspiration GrowthThree interwoven circles of our logo represent the individual woman, her participation in a wForum group, and the community of groups within wForum.


 Our Photographers 

Kendall Cafritz is founder of Conscious Times, a journal for conscious investing and living and contributor to GrassRoots television in Aspen. As a photographer, she creates images that show people in their true light. She is a member of wForum since 2013.

Lisa Kistner claims she is an amateur photographer but her background in art shows in her beautiful compositions. She is co-founder of the Kistner Institute and works as a practitioner in the healing arts, specializing in post-mastectomy lymphoma. She is a member of wForum since 2013.

Michele Cardamone is owner of Michele Cardamone Photography in Aspen. She specializes in portraiture and event photography. She is a prospective member with wForum in 2015.