wForum publications offer tools to guide group development individual growth. Written as discussion guides on matters of personal and professional relevance, our library supports active learning through inquiry and reflection on over 50 topics.

All publications are copyright of and are to be used for internal purposes.

For use of wForum material outside wForum, please request permission and credit as your source.

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Learning Resources

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The Guidebook

This publication describes wForum principles and practices. Please refer to the Guidebook to gain understanding of member benefits, roles and responsibilities and meeting protocols. Learning about wForum culture and structure adds to your experience in wForum.


Year 1 Toolkit

These tools help a new wForum develop as a group. Tools include the wForum Confidentiality Contract, Member Expectations, Meeting Agenda and Outline, Centering Meditations, Tips for Facilitation and Year One Discussion Inventories.

Y2 Inventories

Year 2 Toolkit

Discussion guides and facilitation tips on 12 topics for conversations of interest to women, such as confidence, power, partnership and vulnerability – all aspects of personal integrity and character development.

Best Practices

Best Practices in wForum Communication

wForum Best Practices are Communication Skills. In wForum, communication is not scripted but it is intentional. Becoming a better communicator takes practice and with practice, we increase our effectiveness in every relationship. Please register as a member here.


Year 3 Toolkit

A full year of discussion topics ‘at-a-glance’ to explore and share your experience and wisdom. Topics include motherhood, money, body, risk/reach and more.