A new dance

Adelaide Waters

What if you received a call a former colleague with a lucrative job offer for the kind of role you once find thrilling? But you had closed the door on that chapter and moved on, or so you thought. Then, when you call back, thinking you will say ‘thank you’ yet decline, your colleague sweetens the deal. 

That happened to me. It was quite the happy dilemma to feel wanted. And oh boy was it fun to imagine depositing big bucks in my retirement fund. But hey, I asked myself, haven’t I moved in a different direction by starting women’s forum? And although wForum is very young, isn’t it already growing – and growing me with it? And even though I feel the occasional terror of failing, isn’t this new venture even more invigorating than I imagined? Yes!

So why even debate the question? What part of me was tempted to return to what I already know, and why? I don’t know about you, but I have an inner task master who drives me hard. I know her so well I’ve named her, and Buster is one bossy girl. She is the part of me that is all about Ego. Mind you, I’ve reaped a great deal of satisfaction from Buster’s push to test my mettle in the corporate world where balls count, so I don’t mean to diss Ego. And I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished with Buster’s drive and energy. But when is enough enough?

I shared all this with my wForum. In my wForum, we talk about practical matters and important goals, but we also talk about what really matters – matters of the heart and spirit. We look at what’s changing and what’s possible. The heart describes success differently than the head. And as a wise friend once said, the choices we make reflect our sense of possibility and how big or small we feel.

We each have a dream we are pursuing, right? We each strive to fulfill our potential. But what of the heart’s desire and what about becoming the person we always wanted to be? In wForum, I’m learning to struggle less and enjoy more.

timthumbI’m rethinking the goal and deciding to become whole, not perfect.

I’m making space for something new to unfold and while I don’t really have a clue what that will look like, I like the direction. So thanks to my colleague whom I respect and adore for making me feel wanted. What a great opportunity to re-commit whole-heartedly to something I’m passionate about – women’s lives and legacy.

As Barbara DeAngelis says, “The journey between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really begins.” So Me and Buster are going to learn a new dance.

How about you? Tell us about a new direction you’re taking in life. We’d love to hear from you!

By: Adelaide Waters

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