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 What is wForum? 

wForum is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to women’s personal and professional growth. Discussions in wForum cover issues that are relevant to women, such as parenting, mentoring junior professionals, money and financial literacy, marriage and divorce, empty nest, care of elderly parents, continuing education, professional and career development, volunteer work and more.

 Why give to wForum? 

Examples of how member’s lives have evolved in wForum.

– Nancy is a 54 year-old woman whose divorce changed her lifestyle and self-image. After working part time as a physical therapist for 25 years, she decided to re-invest in her professional life. With the support of her wForum in choosing a new direction, she enrolled in graduate school and is pursuing certification as a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in family care for autism. Her accomplishments, both personal and professional, are inspiring, especially to her adult children.

– Caroline at 34 co-founded a successful service business with a partner whose different work values caused increasing stress and dysfunction within the work team. With the support of her wForum, she resigned and instead of pursuing litigation to dissolve the business and ‘take her fair share,’ she founded a new business that has seen steady growth, improved financial results and much less stress.

– Andrea at 58 had built a healthy business practice, good marriage and family life. Her health was tricky but manageable. Still, something was missing.  With inspiration from her wForum, she committed to schedule time for her art. Within a year, her paintings were featured at a community gallery. Two years into her creative renewal, she launched a website featuring her work.

 As a not-for-profit, we earn our keep in these ways: 

• wForum members contribute to operational costs by paying $150 annual membership fee.
• Regional giving communities support member scholarships and annual facilitator training.
• Family foundations provide funding for more than 50 learning tools published in our online library.
• Individual bequests provide funding to keep up with our wait-list and form new groups.

 Where your investment goes: 

· 35% New Groups – Training in wForum principles and practices
· 25% Program Development – Learning and Discussion Guides for Years 1-5
· 28% Facilitator Training – Annual symposium for wForum facilitators
· 12% Infrastructure – Website and Digital library
· 5% Women’s Retreats – Annual member retreats

Please support our educational mission. If you would like your donation to be used for a specific purpose such as programming, please indicate your preference. Thank you.