Five-Oh-One-C-Three & Me


Today is the happy completion of a 10-month wForum project to file for 501c3 status with the IRS.

For someone like me who is not detail-oriented, our 90-page application was a stretch. And while I’m excited about our potential as a non-profit organization, the change in my role to include fund-raising is NO SMALL CHANGE. (Kind of a fun pun).

Asking for money makes me feel needy, pushy, pestering and presumptuous. How’s that for a list of creepy feelings? This would explain my dismal record in previous Board roles as Development Chair. (I’m not proud of that). The only reassuring thing about my lack of fundraising savvy is that I’m not alone.

Apparently, most people would prefer to be ‘the philanthropist’ over ‘the fundraiser’ because asking for money creates enormous fear – even when asking people you love and respect! Along with my fear, I have a bunch of assumptions about money and giving that are probably erroneous and obviously stress-inducing.

I don’t know how I’m going to overcome this mindset. Maybe all I have to do today is admit that I am way outside my comfort zone. You know that saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears?’ Maybe it’s time to test the theory.

If you have any wisdom to share on this topic, I’m open for business. In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate the completion of the five-oh-one-c-three project.


-Adelaide Waters

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