Educational Goals

  1. Training and Support for Facilitators  

  1. The role of facilitator rotates annually, allowing each member to gain insight and skills from the role and responsibility. Annual 2-day facilitator training prepares facilitators in the art of group dynamics and meeting facilitation.
  2. Mid-year facilitator gatherings strengthens involvement in the organization and creates bonds within the local community network.
  3. Informal and ad-hoc consultation supports facilitators in guiding their group’s development.

  2. wForum Publications  

  1. wForum Guidebook describes the principles and practices of an effective and enduring women’s group.
  2. Best Practices reinforce excellence in communication skills such as speaking, listening, giving feedback and more.
  3. Year 1 Toolkit offers meeting outlines, group development exercises, discussion guides, facilitation tips and more.
  4. Year 2 Toolkit is a series of 12 inventories on character strengths such as confidence, power, partnership and trust.
  5. Year 3 Toolkit offers discussion guides to explore feminine values and cultural norms on topics such as ambition, motherhood, money, body, legacy and more.
Our purpose is both educational and charitable. Membership fees are $150/year; set deliberately low to ensure access for women of all income levels.
wForum scholarships are granted to 5-7 women each year. Recipients return the gift by volunteering time and talent on behalf of the organization.
  3. Scholarships  
  • Scholarships are funded by donations. A scholarship covers annual dues of $150 and is renewable.
  • wForum scholarships are structured as an exchange of time and/or talent. Scholarship recipients have returned the gift by volunteering time or talent to support operations.
  • This year, we need expertise in fundraising, grant-writing and editing publications. If you are a current member and can help, please let us know by completing a Scholarship application.

Click here to apply for a 2016 scholarship.