Decisions, Decisions

Every Path Offers Choices by Walt Stoneburner

I am having a hard time with a decision.

Since the launching of wForum in Aspen, I have followed a model. The model is that I serve as each group’s initial moderator, teach the group how to work together, build rapport and after a few meetings, the circle solidifies. When the new moderator steps forward, my job is to bow out of the circle and offer support from behind the scenes.

So far, this ‘working model’ for wForum has worked. Rolling off and saying good-bye is a little sad. I become fond of the women in each group, but I remind myself: it’s their wForum. Handing it over feels exciting for them and for me.

But now there’s a snag. One group is asking me to stay and be a member. I didn’t anticipate that I would want to stay. I wonder, how to decide? So I ask, what do I need to support myself in this situation?

No question that now more than ever, I need a sounding board. I can’t do women’s forum alone.  I need help. I need feedback and guidance and inspiration. Sometimes I know what I’m doing (hence the things I call ‘working models’) but in this new territory there’s far more I don’t know. Is it ‘okay’ for me to change my model or bend the rule?

I can’t stay in every wForum, but if I’m not involved as a member, won’t I have missed out on the very blessings I so strongly believe in?  I don’t really want to do this all by myself. I lived enough of my life working as a solo-gig; isn’t it time for something different?

wForum is a big idea. But it’s only too big for  me if I try to go at it alone. Maybe this decision is inviting me to see past the obvious and not only ask for help but accept help. I think I’ll say yes.

Post by Adelaide Waters

Image Every Path Offers Choices by Walt Stoneburner

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