Philosophy and Mission

 Our Mission 

The mission of wForum is to create supportive and confidential learning environments for the advancement of women, personally and professionally.

We accomplish our mission by organizing groups of 6-8 women (similar age-stage) who meet monthly to discuss the pressing needs, concerns and choices in our personal and professional lives. wForum operates on a set of core values and best practices in communication and adult learning to develop skills in social and emotional intelligence.  The peer-learning structure in wForum creates a culture of collaboration, inspiration and connection.

 Our Philosophy 

Some people find it paradoxical that women have been fighting for the right to work beside men (and be paid equal wages) for more than a century and yet still today, want to sequester themselves in woman-only activities. We find this quite logical.

Women share a special language and cultural experience. Our biology, psychology and spirituality confers specific gifts for our gender that continue to unfold throughout life. In wForum, we celebrate womanhood and sisterhood, developing greater appreciation of feminine values and what it means to be an empowered woman.

 How We’re Different 

You may have noticed the tremendous growth in learning venues targeting women. Here’s what makes Women’s Forum different:

  • Unlike business or personal advisory groups whose meetings are run by paid professionals, Women’s Forum is peer-facilitated.
  • We are not a social club, although strong relationships usually grow out of the shared experience.
  • We are not a therapy group, yet most of us find a good laugh or a few tears to be therapeutic.
  • We are not a business advisory group, yet members share expertise and networks from a wide range of professions and backgrounds.
  • We are not a religious or church group, but our principles and practices nurture a spiritual sensibility.

The breadth of topics discussed over the life of the group, the commonality and diversity of members, the use of peer-learning and the close relationships that develop combine to create a life-changing experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

If this describes your aspirations, we invite you to join us.